Core Training

Free Programming & Scripting Training

Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
Intro to x86 Assembly LanguageYouTube - Davy WybiralYesx86 Assembly Language
Assembly Programming

The full course list page is here:
Irvin LemusYesYesAssembly Language, Reverse Engineering
Introduction to x86 (32 bit)YouTube - Open SecurityTrainingYesYes - Class Materials are HEREIntel x86 Architecture, Assembly, Applications
Intermediate x86 (32 bit)YouTube - Open SecurityTrainingMeant to be taken after completing the Intro x86 (32 bit) courseYes - Class Materials are HEREx86 Architecture, Assembly, Applications, WinDbg
Learn CLearn-C.orgYesYesC Programming
Python Essentials (Parts 1 and 2)Python InstituteYesYesPython: Part 1 - Beginner, Part 2 - Intermediate
Free Python Courses and Tutorials on UdemyUdemyYes - Some courses are for beginnersVarious Python Topics
Python3 for Infosec ProfessionalsInfoSecAddictsYesPython Fundamentals, Parsing Files, Regular Expressions, Functions & Classes, Digital Forensics with Python, Parsing PCAP Files, Malware Analysis with Python, Network Testing, Password Cracking, Web App Testing, Cryptography & Security, Building Your Security Tools
List of Free Python ResourcesHakin9YesSeveral Python resources including videos, books, tutorials, and challenges
Automate the Boring Stuff With Python (online book)Automate the Boring Stuff WebsiteYesYesPython
Learn NASM AssemblyTutorialspointYesYesNASM Assembly
Regex Academy: An Introduction to Text Parsing SorceryUdemyYesRegular Expressions (Regex)
RegexOneRegexOneYesYesRegular Expressions (Regex)
PowerShell Documentation - Including PowerShell 101MicrosoftYesPowerShell 101 under Getting Started (Overview) - Learning PowerShell. Also contains links to PowerShell communities on Discord, Slack, etc.
Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShellChannel 9YesPowerShell Scripting, Automation, The Help System, Remoting, Installation, Customization
Linux BASH Shell Script BasicsYouTube - Joe CollinsThis course assumes that you have knowledge of the Linux CLI and Linux filesystem.Linux Bash Shell Scripting
Learn VBScriptTutorialspointYesMicrosoft VBS (Visual Basic Script) syntax, Variables, Operators, Loops, Events, Cookies, Strings, Arrays, Regex
JSON TutorialTutorialspointThis Tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of HTTP and JavaScript.JSON Syntax, Objects, Schemas, Examples, Data Types
SANS JSON and jq Quick Start GuideSANSJSON, Nested Objects, Array Elements, JSON Structure, Filtering
SQLite TutorialSQLite TutorialYesYesSQLite
SANS SQLite Pocket ReferenceSANSSQLite Database, Query Structure, Operators, Data Types, Table Joins, Timestamp Conversion, CLI Options
SoloLearnSoloLearnYesYesYes - Certificate of CompletionPython, C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, C, SQL, Machine Learning, Data Science with Python, HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, Ruby, React + Redux, Angular + NestJS, Swift
Free Packt WorkshopsPacktYesYesPython, Ruby, Java, Go, Clojure, C++, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Git Started with GitHubUdemyYesInstallation, Workflow, Configuration, Git Clone, Push, Command Line
Getting Git RightAtlassianYesGit, Bitbucket Cloud, Git SSH
GitHub TrainingMicrosoft LearnYesYesYes - Digital BadgeIntroduction to GitHub, Introduction to Git, Best Practices, Pull Requests, Commits, Workflows, GitHub Script, Branching and Merging
APIs for BeginnersYouTube - freeCodeCamp.orgYesYesApplication Programming Interface (API)
Learn JSON in 10 MinutesYouTube - Web Dev SimplifiedYesJSON - What it's used for, syntax, examples
Introduction to ARM Assembly BasicsAzeria LabsYesWriting ARM Assembly, ARM Data Types and Registers, ARM Instruction Set, Memory Instructions: Loading and Storing Data, Load and Store Multiple, Conditional Execution and Branching, Stack and Functions.
DFIR Python Study GroupYouTube - Alexis BrignoniYesDFIR Python Study Group using the book "Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide, 2nd edition"
It's Great to C YouYouTube - James DuffyYesC Programming

Free Linux Training

Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
Introduction to LinuxedXYesCosts ExtraCommand Line Operations, Linux Distributions, System Configurations, Linux GUI, Common Linux Applications
NDG Linux UnhatchedCisco Networking AcademyYesYesYes - Certificate of CompletionLinux Installation and Configuration, Linux Command Line Interface (CLI), Linux Virtual Machine,
NDG Linux EssentialsCisco Networking AcademyRecommend taking NDG Linux Unhatched first.YesYes - Certificate of CompletionOpen Source Software and Licensing, Command Line, Linux Filesystem, Files and Directories, Archiving and Compression, Basic Scripting, Computer Hardware, Data Storage, System & User Security, Users & Groups, Ownership & Permissions
Linux Command Line BasicsUdacityYesYesShell Commands, Linux Filesystem, Linux Terminal
Free Linux Courses and TutorialsUdemyVarious Linux Topics
Linux BASH Shell Script BasicsYouTube - Joe CollinsThis course assumes that you have knowledge of the Linux command line and filesystem.BASH Shell Scripting
Linux Workshop (Hands On Introduction to Linux) by Wesley PhillipsYouTube - Blacks in CybersecurityYesYesLinux
Linux JourneyLinux JourneyYesLinux Command Line, User Management, Permissions, Processes, Packages, Devices, Filesystem, Kernel, Init, Process Utilization, Logging, Network Sharing, Network Basics

Free Networking Training

Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
Free Short Course: Computer Network FundamentalsCharles Sturt UniversityYesYes - Certificate of CompletionPorts, Protocols, OSI Layers, Network Topologies, WAN, Device Hardening, Authentication, Access Controls, Wireless, Best Practices, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery
Introduction to NetworkingedXYesCosts ExtraOSI Layers, Network Protocols, Peer to Peer Networks, Routing Algorithms and Protocols, VLANs, Ethernet
Basics of Network SecurityFuture LearnYesYesCosts ExtraNetwork Security, Cyber Attacks, Intrusion Detection, Security Threats, Case Studies, Asset Protection
SANS Cyber Aces

Networking is the 2nd module after Introduction to Operating Systems.
SANS Cyber AcesYesVideo tutorials and downloadable handouts going through each layer of the OSI Model.
Network+ Training CourseProfessor MesserProfessor Messer A+ Training Courses are Recommended FirstOSI Model, Ethernet, Ports, IP, Routing & Switching, IPv4, IPv6, IGP, EGP, NAT, Access Controls, Subnetting, Binary, Topologies, Wireless, Cellular, DHCP, NTP, DNS, WAN, Remote Access, Attacks, Segmentation, Protocols
Network AssuranceTEEXRecommend taking a beginner Networking and beginner Cybersecurity course first.Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, cryptographic ciphers, AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting), server and client security, secure policy generation
Network SecurityedXCosts ExtraPacket Sniffing, Password Cracking, Port Scanning, Exploits, Access Control Lists, Snort, DHCP, DNS, Attacks, Mitigation
Discovering Computer Networks: Hands On in the Open Networking LabOpenLearnYesYesYes - Statement of Participation, Digital BadgeHome Networks, Packet Tracer, IP Addresses, Switches, Routers, Network Configuration, NAT, DHCP, Wi-Fi, DNS, Subnetting, MAC Addresses, Cisco CLI, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, Routing Protocols
CCNA ICND1 and ICND2AlisonCosts ExtraCisco CCNA Training
The Bits and Bytes of Computer NetworkingCoursera (select "Audit" for the free version)YesDNS, IPv4, DHCP, Network Model, TCP/IP, Network Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques, Cloud Computing
Intel Networking Academy - Network Transformation 101CourseraCosts ExtraSoftware-Defined Networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Network Architecture, Virtualization
Intel Network Academy - Network Transformation 102CourseraNetwork Transformation 101 is Recommended FirstCosts ExtraVNF Operations & Development, Cryptography, Hyperscan Technology, Open Source Standards, DPDK,
Network Security - ProtocolsedXCosts ExtraCryptography, TLS/SSL, IPSec, Layer 2 Security, Wireless Security
Connected Dots OnlineConnected DotsYesYesSwitching, Routing, IP Addressing & Subnetting, Static Routes, VLANS & Trunks, IP Services. Some courses are still under development.
CS402: Computer Communications and NetworksSaylor AcademyYesYes - Certificate of CompletionNetworking Protocols, Networking Layers, Cloud
Network+ Study LabsYouTube - CYBERINSIGHTYesNetwork+, Packet Tracer, SSH, DNS, Telnet, NTP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Static Routs, RIP, EIGRP, VLANs, MAC Addresses, ARP, Subnetting, VLSM
Networking EssentialsCisco Networking AcademyPlan and install a home or small business network, Cisco Packet Tracer, Troubleshooting Connectivity, Recognize and mitigate security threats
Network+ Practice TestsExamCompassNetwork+
Network+ Practice Test AppPocketPrepNetwork+

Free General IT/Cybersecurity Training

If you are a complete beginner to IT, I recommend starting with the Hopper’s Roppers courses at the top of the list.

Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
Introduction to Computing FundamentalsHopper's Roppers (Roppers Academy)YesYesHome Lab, Linux, Windows, Internet, Python, Github, Hardware
Introduction to SecurityHopper's Roppers (Roppers Academy)Hopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals is recommended.YesRisk, Threats, Attacks, Cyber Kill Chain, Malware Types, Password Security, Networks
Introduction to Capture the FlagHopper's Roppers (Roppers Academy)Hopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals is recommended.YesForensics, Cryptography, Web Exploitation, Wireshark
A+ 220-1001 Training CourseYouTube - Professor MesserYesComputer Hardware, Mobile Devices, Networking, BIOS
A+ 220-1002 Training CourseYouTube - Professor MesserA+ 200-1001 Training CourseWindows, Linux, macOS, Attacks, Malware, Scripting
Cybersecurity FundamentalsedXYesCosts ExtraSecurity Concepts and Problems, Cryptography, Networking, Systems Administration, Malware, Forensics, Detection, Prevention
Cybersecurity Basics: A Hands-On ApproachedXBasic knowledge of networking and operating systems.YesCosts ExtraCybersecurity landscape, reverse engineering, network attacks, malware, vulnerability management, pentesting
Introduction to CybersecurityOpenLearnYesYes - Statement of ParticipationThreat Landscape, Phishing, Malware, Authentication, Networking, Cryptography, Laws, Risk
Introduction to CybersecurityCisco Networking AcademyYesYesYes - Certificate of CompletionCybersecurity Overview, CIA Triad, Breaches, Attacks, Threats, Cyberwarfare, Firewalls, Detection, Cyber Kill Chain
Cybersecurity EssentialsCisco Networking AcademyIntroduction to Cybersecurity is recommended.YesYes - Certificate of CompletionCIA Triad (in depth), Countermeasures, Cybersecurity Domains, ISO, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Attacks, Malware, Cryptography, Access Controls, Stenography, Obfuscation, Incident Response, Hardening, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Laws
SANS Cyber Aces TutorialsSANS Cyber AcesYesYesWindows, Linux, Networking, Bash Scripting, PowerShell, Python
Free Short Course: Phishing CountermeasuresCharles Sturt UniversityThis is an intermediate course. Hopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Introduction to Security is recommended.YesYes - Certificate of CompletionNetwork Security, Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity Architecture, Risk Management, Application Security
Free Short Course: Cyber Warfare and TerrorismCharles Sturt UniversityThis is an intermediate course. Hoppers Ropper's Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Introduction to Security is recommended.Yes - Certificate of CompletionCyber Weapons, Cyber Attacks, Cyber Terrorism, Military Cyber Preparedness
Free Short Course: Enterprise Cybersecurity FundamentalsCharles Sturt UniversityThis is an intermediate course. Hopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Introduction to Security is recommended.Yes - Certificate of CompletionThreats, Attacks, Secure Design, Physical Security, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Network Security, System Security, Defense in Depth
IBM Security Learning AcademyIBM Security Learning AcademyHopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Introduction to Security are recommended.YesYes - Progress Report and Digital BadgesIBM Products (QRadar, Resilient SOAR, etc), Cryptography, Encryption, Cloud, Mobile Security, Access Management, and more.
Palo Alto Networks Free TrainingPalo Alto NetworksHopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals is recommended.Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Security Operations Center (SOC), Network Security, Cortex XDR, Firewalls, Prisma
Geek UniversityGeek UniversityYesYes - Certificate of CompletionCCNA, Linux, VMware ESXi, NMAP, SQL, Raspberry Pi, Apache HTTP Server, VMware Player, Splunk, VirtualBox, Python
Cybering.ccCybering.ccYesYesLinux Command Line, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, XOR, Bitwise Operators, Regex, File Formats, Networking, Wireshark, MySQL
Security+ Training CourseYouTube - Professor MesserA+ and Network+ TrainingMalware, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Access Controls, VPN, SIEM, Mobile Devices, Networking, Incident Response, Risk Assessment, BIA, Cryptography, Wireless, PKI
Security+ Practice TestsExamCompassSecurity+
Security+ Practice Test AppPocketPrepSecurity+
Network and Security CoursesAlisonCosts ExtraA+, Cloud+, Security+, CCNA, CISSP, Networking, NotPetya, WannaCry, Arduino, IoT, Cryptography, Server Administration
An Introduction to CryptographyFuture LearnYesYesCosts ExtraCryptography, hashing, historical ciphers, cryptanalysis
SANS Free Cybersecurity Community Resources and ProgramsSANSYes - For some things such as Tech Tuesday WorkshopsYes - For Webcasts, Forums, Summits, and other events. Earn CEUs.Cloud Security, Cyber Defense, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Industrial Control Systems, Penetration Testing
LabtainersNaval Postgraduate SchoolHopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Introduction to Security are recommended. YesSoftware Vulnerabilities, Networking, PCAP Analysis, Cryptography, Web Security, System Security, ICS Security, quantum algorithms
RangeForce Community EditionRangeForceHopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Introduction to Security are recommended.YesYes - Earn CPE Credits after completing 5 modulesSplunk, Suricata, YARA, NMAP, Event Logs, PowerShell, NTLM, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting
Fortinet Cybersecurity TrainingFortinetRecommend Professor Messers Network+ and Security+ training.Yes - Qualifies for (ISC)2 CPE credit.Geared toward Fortinet Products, Cloud, Wireless, SIEM, Threat Protection, Next Generation Firewall
HTB AcademyHack The BoxRecommend Hopper's Roppers Introduction to Computing Fundamentals, Introduction to Security, and Introduction to Capture the Flags.YesLinux, Password Cracking, Hacking, Network Enumeration with NMAP, Windows, JavaScript Deobfuscation, Secure Coding
Gerald Auger - Simply Cyber YouTube ChannelYouTube - Gerald Auger - Simply CyberYesHome Labs, SOC Analyst Interview Questions, SOC Analyst Skills, Tools, Kali, Vulnerability Scanning, Certifications Roadmap, Entry Level Cyber Jobs Explained, Getting into Cybersecurity
Cyber Warrior Studios YouTube ChannelYouTube - Cyber Warrior StudiosYesVarious Cybersecurity Topics Including: Phishing, OSINT, Kali, Malware, Cybersecurity Interview Do's and Don'ts
Microsoft AzureMicrosoft LearnYes - You can select Beginner Level on the Website. Introduction to Azure Fundamentals is a good place to start.Yes - Digital BadgesOver 850 Azure topics
AWS Free Digital TrainingAWS Training and CertificationYes - Beginners can select the Fundamental experience level on the Website. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is a good place to start.Over 400 AWS Topics
Google Cloud Training (Select On-Demand Courses)Google Cloud Training/QwiklabsYes - Beginners can select Introductory level. Google Cloud Essentials is a good place to start.YesYes - Digital BadgesOver 500 Google Cloud Topics
Jon Good's YouTube ChannelYouTube - Jon GoodYesBeginners Guide to Cyber Security Careers, CySA+ Training, CISSP Training, Linux Training for Cyber Security Beginners, Windows Training for Cyber Security Beginners, Cloud Concepts
Introduction to SecurityYouTube - Ming ChowYesUsing Kali Linux VM, Packet Analysis Using Wireshark, Basic Recon using Nmap, Scapy, Password Cracking with John the Ripper, Vulnerability Scanning, Burp Suite, Web Security, Really Bad Code, Static Analysis, Malware, Forensics
Introduction to Cloud ComputingUdemy - Xavier CorbettYesService Models, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Characteristics, Deployment Models, Public Cloud, Private Cloud