Free Networking Training

Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
Free Short Course: Computer Network FundamentalsCharles Sturt UniversityYesYes - Certificate of CompletionPorts, Protocols, OSI Layers, Network Topologies, WAN, Device Hardening, Authentication, Access Controls, Wireless, Best Practices, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery
Introduction to NetworkingedXYesCosts ExtraOSI Layers, Network Protocols, Peer to Peer Networks, Routing Algorithms and Protocols, VLANs, Ethernet
Basics of Network SecurityFuture LearnYesYesCosts ExtraNetwork Security, Cyber Attacks, Intrusion Detection, Security Threats, Case Studies, Asset Protection
SANS Cyber Aces

Networking is the 2nd module after Introduction to Operating Systems.
SANS Cyber AcesYesVideo tutorials and downloadable handouts going through each layer of the OSI Model.
Network+ Training CourseProfessor MesserProfessor Messer A+ Training Courses are Recommended FirstOSI Model, Ethernet, Ports, IP, Routing & Switching, IPv4, IPv6, IGP, EGP, NAT, Access Controls, Subnetting, Binary, Topologies, Wireless, Cellular, DHCP, NTP, DNS, WAN, Remote Access, Attacks, Segmentation, Protocols
Network AssuranceTEEXRecommend taking a beginner Networking and beginner Cybersecurity course first.Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, cryptographic ciphers, AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting), server and client security, secure policy generation
Network SecurityedXCosts ExtraPacket Sniffing, Password Cracking, Port Scanning, Exploits, Access Control Lists, Snort, DHCP, DNS, Attacks, Mitigation
Discovering Computer Networks: Hands On in the Open Networking LabOpenLearnYesYesYes - Statement of Participation, Digital BadgeHome Networks, Packet Tracer, IP Addresses, Switches, Routers, Network Configuration, NAT, DHCP, Wi-Fi, DNS, Subnetting, MAC Addresses, Cisco CLI, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, Routing Protocols
CCNA ICND1 and ICND2AlisonCosts ExtraCisco CCNA Training
The Bits and Bytes of Computer NetworkingCoursera (select "Audit" for the free version)YesDNS, IPv4, DHCP, Network Model, TCP/IP, Network Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques, Cloud Computing
Intel Networking Academy - Network Transformation 101CourseraCosts ExtraSoftware-Defined Networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Network Architecture, Virtualization
Intel Network Academy - Network Transformation 102CourseraNetwork Transformation 101 is Recommended FirstCosts ExtraVNF Operations & Development, Cryptography, Hyperscan Technology, Open Source Standards, DPDK,
Network Security - ProtocolsedXCosts ExtraCryptography, TLS/SSL, IPSec, Layer 2 Security, Wireless Security
Connected Dots OnlineConnected DotsYesYesSwitching, Routing, IP Addressing & Subnetting, Static Routes, VLANS & Trunks, IP Services. Some courses are still under development.
CS402: Computer Communications and NetworksSaylor AcademyYesYes - Certificate of CompletionNetworking Protocols, Networking Layers, Cloud
Network+ Study LabsYouTube - CYBERINSIGHTYesNetwork+, Packet Tracer, SSH, DNS, Telnet, NTP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Static Routs, RIP, EIGRP, VLANs, MAC Addresses, ARP, Subnetting, VLSM
Networking EssentialsCisco Networking AcademyPlan and install a home or small business network, Cisco Packet Tracer, Troubleshooting Connectivity, Recognize and mitigate security threats
Network+ Practice TestsExamCompassNetwork+
Network+ Practice Test AppPocketPrepNetwork+