Free OSINT Training

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Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
OSINT MiniThe Cyber InstituteYesOSINT Investigations, Objectives, Sources of Information, Effective Google and Social Media Searching, Documenting and Recording Information, VPNs.
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)Hackers AriseMaltego, Google Hacking (Dorks), Shodan, Harvester, Mining Twitter with Twint, FOCA for Metadata, recon-ng, metagoofil, Spiderfoot, Censys, Gathering Aircraft and Flight Data with Radarbox
10 Minute OSINT TipsYouTube - The OSINT Curious ProjectGeolocation, Reverse Image Search, Facebook OSINT, Google Maps, Finding User Accounts Across Social Media, Discovering DNS Typosquatting Domains, Using APIs to Reveal Hidden Open Source Information, Using robots.txt Files for OSINT
OSINT FrameworkOSINT FrameworkTools for OSINT investigations related to Usernames, Email Addresses, Domain Names, IP Addresses, Images & Videos, Social Networks, Instant Messaging, People Search, Dating Sites, Phone Numbers, Business Records, Public Records, Transportation, Geolocation, Threat Intelligence, Malicious File Analysis, Dark Web, Metadata, Terrorism, Digital Currency, Classifies, and more.
OSINT.LinkOINT.LinkOpen Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools & Resources: Search Engines, Social Media Intelligence, People Search, Business Search, Web Directories, Translation Service, Government Records, Maps, Web Scraping Tools, Website Monitoring Services, IP Address Tracking and more.
Free OSINT and Online Research ResourcesToddingtonThis is a database of free OSINT resources and tools, research cheat sheets, and other online investigative aids.
Creating Research Accounts for OSINT Investigations (Written Guide)OSINTCurio.usCreating sock puppet accounts on social media platforms.
SANS Must Have Free Resources for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)SANSFree OSINT Webcasts, Videos, Summit Talks, Blogs, and Communities
Awesome OSINTGitHub - jivoiA curated list of OSINT tools and resources.
OSINT Tools & Techniques - Free DemoUdemy - Steve AdamsYesYesThis is a short demo version of the full course. Topics include: Foundations of OSINT, Investigative Process, Virtual Machines, and LinkedIn Searching
Dark Web Foundation: A Guide to the Deep/Dark Web 2019Udemy - Dark Web AcademyYesYesTor, Bitcoin, PGP, Tails, Deep Web Markets, Common Myths
Dark Web InvestigationsHTCIADark Web Investigations, Tor. *Scroll down instead of clicking Join Now*
conINT TalksYouTube - conINTTalks from the conINT 2020 OSINT conference: Malware OSINT, Darknet, Cryptocurrency, People OSINT, Dark Web Markets, Breached Data History, Geolocation and more.
Open Source Intelligence 101 (April Wright)YouTube - Wild West Hackin' FestYesOSINT, Social Engineering, OPSEC, Sources of OSINT
CaseFileThe Cyber InstituteGetting Started with Maltego's free CaseFile tool, Combining Graphs, Importing Data, Exporting and Reports, Collaboration
Australian OSINT 2020 Symposium Recorded SessionsOSINT CombineVarious OSINT Topics
OSINT DojoOSINT DojoYesYesYes - Digital BadgesOSINT Challenges and Resources.
SANS OSINT Talks on YouTubeYouTube - SANS InstituteTelegram, OSINT for Good, OSINT Mind-State, Sock Puppets, GitHub Analysis
OSINT TutorialsYouTube - Null ByteTwint, License Plate OSINT, Photon Scanner, OSINT Browser Extensions, Maltego, EXIF Data, Aircraft OSINT, Business OSINT
OSINT ArticlesSecjuiceShodan, Malware OSINT, Sock Puppets, Artificial Intelligence, Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, Gab, Building a Username Search Tool, Pokémon Go, Creating Custom JavaScript Bookmarklets, LinkedIn, Getting an OSINT Job, SOCMINT, The Intelligence Cycle
Automating Threat Hunting on the Dark Web & Other Nitty Gritty Things (Apurv Singh Gautam)YouTube - BSides PhillyDark Web, Automation, OPSEC, Dark Web Hunting Methods
OSINT At Home - Tutorials on Digital ResearchYouTube - BendobrownReverse Image Search, EXIF/Metadata, Search Operators, Geolocation, Satellite Imagery
The Complete Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training CourseYouTube - Irfan ShakeelYesSearch Engine OSINT, Darknet, TOR, Deebweb, Aircraft OSINT, People Search, Company Search, Phone Number Search, Document Search, Metadata, Image OSINT, Fix Blurred or Distorted Images
Layer 8 Conference TalksYouTube - Layer 8 ConferenceOSINT, Social Engineering