Free DFIR & Blue Team CTFs and Challenges

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Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersDFIR Related Challenge Type(s)
Blue Team Labs Online (Free Challenges)Blue Team Labs OnlineMemory Analysis, Network Analysis, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering
The Case of the Stolen Szechuan SauceDFIR MadnessDigital Forensics, PCAP Analysis
CyberDefendersCyberDefendersSplunk, SIEM, Malware Traffic Analysis, PCAP, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics, ELK, Log Analysis
Champlain College DFIR CTFCTFd - Champlain CollegeWindows Forensics, macOS Forensics, Wireshark, OSINT, Reverse Engineering
SocVelSocVelDigital Forensics & Incident Response Challenges
Malware Analysis ExercisesGitHub - jstroschMalware Analysis
OSINT ChallengeThinkific - OSINT-i1OSINT Challenges
OSINT DojoOSINT Dojo/TwitterOSINT Challenges. Follow them on Twitter @OSINTDojo and earn Digital Badges for solving challenges.
LetsDefend - Free VersionLetsDefendThis is a SOC Simulation Environment - Monitoring, Log Search, Case Management, Endpoint Security
HackTaleHackTaleYesA DFIR/Cyber Defense Training Game with Scenario-Based Challenges.
MemLabsGitHub - stuxnet999Yes - Challenges range from easy to hard.Memory Forensics PCAP Analysis
PwnDefendPwnDefendYesOSINT, Reverse Engineering, Forensics & Analysis
Challenges.reChallenges.reReverse Engineering Challenges
TryHackMeTryHackMeYes - Has Easy, Medium and Hard ChallengesFree rooms include RE, Volatility, OSINT, Malware Analysis, Splunk, Linux, Ghidra, & Radare2
Challenges, CTFs and WalkthroughsAboutDFIRVarious DFIR Challenges
picoGympicoCTFForensics, Reverse Engineering, PCAP Analysis
CTFLearnCTFLearnYes - Has Easy, Medium, and Hard ChallengesForensics, Programming, Reverse Engineering, Binary, Cryptography
CTF.LivePentesterAcademyYes - Has Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced ChallengesNetwork Forensics, Reverse Engineering
Magnet Forensics Virtual Summit CTF (May 12th, 2021)Magnet ForensicsDigital Forensics
Belkaday Digital Forensics Conference CTF (May 14th-15th, 2021)BelkadayForensics challenges using the Belkasoft X trial.
Threat Interceptors Challenge (June 14th, 2021)AccedianThreat hunting, understand how an attacker breached the network, trace their activity, mitigate the attack.