Free Programming & Scripting Training

Name & Direct LinkPlatformFor BeginnersHands-On ComponentProof of CompletionTopics
Intro to x86 Assembly LanguageYouTube - Davy WybiralYesx86 Assembly Language
Assembly Programming

The full course list page is here:
Irvin LemusYesYesAssembly Language, Reverse Engineering
Introduction to x86 (32 bit)YouTube - Open SecurityTrainingYesYes - Class Materials are HEREIntel x86 Architecture, Assembly, Applications
Intermediate x86 (32 bit)YouTube - Open SecurityTrainingMeant to be taken after completing the Intro x86 (32 bit) courseYes - Class Materials are HEREx86 Architecture, Assembly, Applications, WinDbg
Learn CLearn-C.orgYesYesC Programming
Python Essentials (Parts 1 and 2)Python InstituteYesYesPython: Part 1 - Beginner, Part 2 - Intermediate
Free Python Courses and Tutorials on UdemyUdemyYes - Some courses are for beginnersVarious Python Topics
Python3 for Infosec ProfessionalsInfoSecAddictsYesPython Fundamentals, Parsing Files, Regular Expressions, Functions & Classes, Digital Forensics with Python, Parsing PCAP Files, Malware Analysis with Python, Network Testing, Password Cracking, Web App Testing, Cryptography & Security, Building Your Security Tools
List of Free Python ResourcesHakin9YesSeveral Python resources including videos, books, tutorials, and challenges
Automate the Boring Stuff With Python (online book)Automate the Boring Stuff WebsiteYesYesPython
Learn NASM AssemblyTutorialspointYesYesNASM Assembly
Regex Academy: An Introduction to Text Parsing SorceryUdemyYesRegular Expressions (Regex)
RegexOneRegexOneYesYesRegular Expressions (Regex)
PowerShell Documentation - Including PowerShell 101MicrosoftYesPowerShell 101 under Getting Started (Overview) - Learning PowerShell. Also contains links to PowerShell communities on Discord, Slack, etc.
Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShellChannel 9YesPowerShell Scripting, Automation, The Help System, Remoting, Installation, Customization
Linux BASH Shell Script BasicsYouTube - Joe CollinsThis course assumes that you have knowledge of the Linux CLI and Linux filesystem.Linux Bash Shell Scripting
Learn VBScriptTutorialspointYesMicrosoft VBS (Visual Basic Script) syntax, Variables, Operators, Loops, Events, Cookies, Strings, Arrays, Regex
JSON TutorialTutorialspointThis Tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of HTTP and JavaScript.JSON Syntax, Objects, Schemas, Examples, Data Types
SANS JSON and jq Quick Start GuideSANSJSON, Nested Objects, Array Elements, JSON Structure, Filtering
SQLite TutorialSQLite TutorialYesYesSQLite
SANS SQLite Pocket ReferenceSANSSQLite Database, Query Structure, Operators, Data Types, Table Joins, Timestamp Conversion, CLI Options
SoloLearnSoloLearnYesYesYes - Certificate of CompletionPython, C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, C, SQL, Machine Learning, Data Science with Python, HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, Ruby, React + Redux, Angular + NestJS, Swift
Free Packt WorkshopsPacktYesYesPython, Ruby, Java, Go, Clojure, C++, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Git Started with GitHubUdemyYesInstallation, Workflow, Configuration, Git Clone, Push, Command Line
Getting Git RightAtlassianYesGit, Bitbucket Cloud, Git SSH
GitHub TrainingMicrosoft LearnYesYesYes - Digital BadgeIntroduction to GitHub, Introduction to Git, Best Practices, Pull Requests, Commits, Workflows, GitHub Script, Branching and Merging
APIs for BeginnersYouTube - freeCodeCamp.orgYesYesApplication Programming Interface (API)
Learn JSON in 10 MinutesYouTube - Web Dev SimplifiedYesJSON - What it's used for, syntax, examples
Introduction to ARM Assembly BasicsAzeria LabsYesWriting ARM Assembly, ARM Data Types and Registers, ARM Instruction Set, Memory Instructions: Loading and Storing Data, Load and Store Multiple, Conditional Execution and Branching, Stack and Functions.
DFIR Python Study GroupYouTube - Alexis BrignoniYesDFIR Python Study Group using the book "Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide, 2nd edition"
It's Great to C YouYouTube - James DuffyYesC Programming